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What is resurrection?  What about the THE Resurrection.  You know what I mean….

I think it’s a new creation, a new beginning, but I’ll let NT Wright explain more:

“Easter is meant to be a surprise.  It is certainly not a ‘happy ending’ after the horror of the cross, though sadly some Christian churches treat it like that.  Mark 16 doesn’t read like a ‘happy ending.’ It reads like a shocking new beginning–which of course is what Mark intends.  The story is not over.  In fact, it’s just starting: the new story, the story which is now possible because Jesus has been enthroned as king of the Jews, as King of the world, as sovereign over death itself, as the one who is now going to do strange new things, surprising his closest friends and his most implacable enemies.  A new way of living, a new way of being human, has been launched upon the world, a way that people thought impossible then and think impossible still today, but a way that has caught up millions and transformed their lives beyond recognition.”

–NT Wright, “Lent For Everyone. Mark: Year B.” Page 174.

A new beginning, a new way.

A new way of living.

A new way of being human.

A new way of transformation.

The transformation isn’t about escaping the world and going to streets of gold when you die.  The transformation, like John Wesley experienced, is a heart strangely warmed.  A transformation that wants to change you and change me into the image bearer of the Gentle Healer, and through us to transform the world.

It’s a big, perhaps impossible task, but it already started with a few mourning women confronting an empty tomb that changed the world.  Now we are asked to be a part of it.

To be a part of the Kingdom of the Risen Son.

“Christ The Lord Is Risen Today”–NCC Worship.