ANewThingAnd the one who was seated on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true.” (Revelation 21:5 NRSV)

Something different happened this morning during my morning prayers. My mind conjured some different images. I’ve been teaching a class on Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love” at church, and in this book Chan is all about feeling the awesome power of God, King of the Universe. He talks about picturing yourself in the throne room of God as you pray and experience His presence.

Now this is all fine and good, and I think it can be a great practice to remind us that we do serve an awesome, holy, ever-living God. I’ve been picturing this often when I have prayed lately, but as I said, something different happened this morning, not even consciously.

Instead of walking into God’s throne room I find myself walking toward a small wooden building on some back street somewhere (no I’m not talking about the Shack and I don’t expect God to make me pancakes.) Anyway, I opened the door and entered a small woodworking shop. Jesus was standing at a table working some wood with a lathe.

He saw me enter and smiled.  He motioned for me to sit and joined me in a chair next to mine. I told him some of things I’ve been struggling with, and some of the things that have been frustrating me the most. He sat, listened and nodded along next to me. When I was done, I just felt so tired that I just buried my head in my hands. Then I felt his arm around me, and I could feel the nail scar as he patted me on the back.

Then he spoke. He said, “It’s ok. Look around my shop. As you can see, I make things new. In fact, I make all things new. You and I are going to work through all of this, and we’re done, I think you’ll like the result. Just remember, I’m always here for you.”

I don’t normally have these kind of tangible spiritual experiences, but this was powerful. It was such a gift to know that no matter what, Christ is always there and always working through his grace and love. I sat and enjoyed a bit of peace in His presence, and then as suddenly as it came on, it was gone.

You see, I think God knew that what I needed this morning wasn’t an amazing, holy King, but a warm, sympathetic friend. I am so immensely thankful for that.

I do believe that Christ is making something new in me. It’s not an easy process. Sometimes it’s going to be painful. Oftentimes there are going to be sharp edges and rough spots that need to be sanded down. In the end though, the final product will be great.

I pray for his continuing work in me, and ask that he will work in each of us to help make all things new.