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Inaugural Prayer ServiceI could not state my view on homosexuality clearer than Pastor Adam Hamilton does in this blog post. When we take the Bible out of it’s historical context we get things like: circumcision is MANDATORY, slavery is perfectly acceptable, women should cover their heads and keep their mouths shut in church, and homosexuality is evil. Modern Christianity has largely done away with all of those things, except for the last one. The entire arc of Scripture points to Christ, who says nothing about homosexuality but commands us to love God, and to love our neighbor unconditionally. Many, if not most Christians, point to the Bible as God’s word, yet the Bible itself points to Jesus as God’s Word in John 1, so I figure we should probably pay attention to what he says.

I am thrilled to death that we have a nationally recognized Christian leader expressing this viewpoint forcefully in public. Next to Brian McLaren, Adam Hamilton is by far my favorite teacher and author, and with McLaren he was absolutely pivotal in helping me come back to my faith.  Both of these men, and many others, helped me finally see that despite popular opinion The Way of Christ was not about judging others and shoving “HATE THE SIN” down people’s throats, but that it is truly about loving God and loving neighbor.

Please take a few minutes and read Pastor Hamilton’s blog post, linked in the first paragraph. I look forward to the day when my fellow Christians stop standing in the way of just being able to refer to “gay people” as “people,” let alone as image bearers of God himself.

Oh! I also just finished Hamilton’s new book: “Half Truths.” Look for a review in the next day or so.