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One thing that I suspect a lot of us can identify with right now is the amount of horrible, nasty, disgusting, and downright depressing stories in the news these days. It seems like wherever we look there’s so much hate, violence, and bloodshed. It’s affected me so much that I’ve actually cut off most of my interaction with social media and news sites (which isn’t always a bad thing, my blood pressure has been down lately!)

So I’ve decided to try to combat this with a series of posts highlighting some of the good in the world. I want to point out some folks who truly go out of their way to try to make a difference for the better. I want the merciful, the meek, and the selfless to start getting as much play as the judgmental, the corrupt, and the selfish. This series will be called:

“Some Good In The World.”

And for our first entry, I would like to introduce you to this man:


His name is Noor Lucman, and he’s a former politician and clan leader in the Marawi area of the Philippines. Mr. Lucman is a Muslim, and while most of the people in the Philippines identify themselves as Christians, Mr. Lucman lives in the area of the country with the largest Muslim population.

This has made this area, the island of Mindanao, a hot spot for Islamic Fundamentalists in league with groups like ISIL. Well, last week the city of Marawi was attacked by some militants. Many Christians who lived there were not able to flee the city in time.

Mr. Lucman hid 64 of them in his home. He is quoted as saying that they would take them (the Christians) “over my dead body.” When the situation became truly desperate and they needed to flee to try to find food, Mr. Lucman helped them get through the militants’ lines by helping them pretend to be Muslim.

He saved their lives. Make no mistake, had these Christians been found by the militants, they would have been executed. Mr. Lucman is a hero, and we desperately need more people like him.

And that’s some good in the world!

(Information in this entry is from Reuters, The Independent, and Malaysian Digest.)