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01spiritFor Faith Tracks Friday today we’re getting into the way back machine and headed back to the golden age of Contemporary Christian Music. If you listen to CCM today you might be familiar with John Michael Talbot, who still writes and performs on the scene today. You may not be familiar with his brother Terry though.

Terry Talbot was one of the CCM artists that I grew up listening to. I remember we’d play a cassette of his album “Face to Face” as we drove across the country on our family vacations. We saw him in concert here in Ogden, and my mom even sang backup vocals in a local choir that was recruited for the occasion.

It’s hard to find Terry’s music today. He’s not even really on Spotify, which is weird. I was able to find obscure Christian songs like “People in a Box” by Farrell and Farrell on there, but not Terry Talbot. Finally I stumbled on a compilation of songs from both Terry and John Michael called “The Best of the Talbot Brothers” on Spotify that contained this song, which is my favorite of all of his music.

Mighty Rushing Wind is the quintessential late 80s/early 90s Christian song. It’s heavy on the synth but contains an infectious, driving beat and a great message. To me the chorus of this song is Pentecost:

You shall receive the power that you need
And as you believe, it begins.
All those who thirst, shall be immersed,
In the driving rain of the Mighty Rushing Wind!

I’ll post the song down below, just maybe it will help put a spring in your step as we celebrate Pentecost this weekend! Happy Friday!


The Lion was there with His disciples
For truly He was risen and alive
And He said my promised gift shall entice you
And you shall be baptized, in the Holy Spirit´s fire
And you shall be a fame to rise forever
Driven by the wind of my word
And you shall set a blaze the world around you
And your light will brightly burn
And reach to the ends of the earth


You shall receive, the power that you need
And as you believe it begins
All those who thirst shall be immersed
In the drawing rain of the mighty rushing wind

And so we must be filled with His Spirit
Seeking every gift we shall rejoice
For clever words, cannot proclaim the gospel
They only make a void
Their sound becomes a noise
And so we need the fire and the power
To touch the hearts of stone, we shall ignite
Yeah we shall go forth the dawning is the hour
When the evil of the night, shall be consumed by the light