About Me

BCBahamasI’m a perpetual ponderer and former future pastor. In my spare time I watch soccer, read, and play the occasional video game. For soccer I support Chelsea FC, Real Salt Lake, Inter Milan, and Melbourne Victory.  My friend Rick and I have had RSL season tickets for five years.

My other interests include Christian Theology, comparative religions, inter-faith relations, military history, craft beer, fishing, severe weather, and the Assassin’s Creed video game series.  I love to read a ton about the US Civil War and World War II in particular.

Should you wish to contact me, feel free to drop me an email at brandonlbc@gmail.com. I’m also on Twitter @BrandonLBC

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am spending some time touring the blogging world and I am happy to have come across your blog. Your story about the weather event is a good read. I also read your core beliefs and I very much identify with what you have defined. I want to see more of your writing.


  2. Pleased to meet you.

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  3. Hi Brandon, I’m pleased to come across your blog (invited by Calensariel!) and I am enjoying reading your interesting and insightful posts. So much so that I am happy to add your blog to my blogroll of “inspirational bloggers”. In the big picture it probably doesn’t mean a lot, as I am only a humble blogger with a small following. But I thought I would let you know.
    P.S. I’m even willing to forgive you for following Chelsea! 🙂

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    • Haha! Thanks for dropping by. She said you probably would. I appreciate anyone who takes a moment to read, much less leave a comment or two. As far as following Chelsea, hey nobody’s perfect and we Americans have to start somewhere!

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